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A special thanks to everyone for sharing their home improvement stories with us.

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Project Warrior Stories

Here are a few of our favorite tales of home improvement projects.

Our kitchen. My guess is I probably don't need to say much more for you to know how THAT could be going. BUT, since you insist (ha ha), I will let you in on a fact: It started almost exactly a year ago, and my husband and I are still married! Our original intent was to have it done within a month - prior to Memorial Day weekend. Well who knew (we did, but were in denial) that putting in cabinets was really that hard. We did succeed at the cabinets pretty quickly, and had our floor professionally installed. Then the project came to a halt. Through clever planning (ok, manipulation), I introduced my husband to granite and how truly close in price it could be to other options. What I neglected to tell him is that the HD Store sale version was not going to fly with me. So after some back and forth, I comfortably agreed on plywood for as long as was necessary to save and get what I wanted. Well.... now it's almost a year later, and my husband can't stand it anymore. Despite the lack of fund to do this, he has prompted me to go and pick granite. So on the credit it goes and we have granite on it's way (any day now). I am so excited to be closer to a finished kitchen even though the backsplash and finishing work is still needed that I can hardly wait. Ironic how I was completely content with the plywood yet now, I am beside myself with anxiousness. The kitchen as is is so much better than the original, it's all a-ok!
Pam, Coventry, CT

We replaced the carpet in the family room w/ Armstrong Artistic Timbers variable width maple hardwood!
Joseph, Odenton, MD

We built custom built-in cabinets beside our fireplace. It was quite an adventure but we think it turned out beautiful.
Marcus, Chattanooga, TN

Complete Kitchen Cabinets, counter top, appliances and Armstrong Alterna Reserve D4330 Aleghany Slate.
Kim, Calgary, Alberta

My hubby turned our small garden out front of our townhouse into a little oasis. We are still working on the landscaping but he sanded and stained old Adirondack chairs that were headed to the dump. He tore out our crummy bushes and added small pebbles and salvaged pavers. Now we have a cool area to chill and socialize with our neighbors while watching our kids play outside! I'm thinking of adding a palm tree and iron shelves with a string of lights!
Shannon, Abingdon, MD

Currently working on my 4 year olds walk in closet. As a first time home owner, it is my first project. We had our basement flood last year and had to lay a new carpet down which was another unexpected incurred expense but are hoping to lay laminate flooring down eventually due to all the dog dander and fur. My current project all started with joint dry wall tape peeling off the corner of one wall, which in turn sparked the urge to want to re-organize and make a build a toddler conscious closet! I am at the mudding and drying stage. There are over 50 holes due to the addition and removal of shelves through the years. Fun first project!
Kim, Brampton, Ontario

My husband and I have been on a remodel journey. We call it "retirement ready" we would love to have a home easy to care for yet shines with little work. It will be hard to show just one project as each overlaps the other. The most rewarding part of this journey is my husband... Anthony. He does the work himself.
Meghan, Taft, CA