Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Read vinyl flooring reviews from some of our customers. Find out how they feel about their Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring purchase. looring purchase.

Mantua Vinyl Sheet Flooring

5 Star

City/State: Sharon, PA
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Good backdrop for an uncluttered, cleaner, softer looking kitchen or bath.

July 6, 2012

If you would like a subtle background to a busy looking or cluttered kitchen or bath (cabinets, wallpaper, etc.) this product has a clean, unobtrusive look.....soft creamy beige, not deeply textured making it easy to clean, warm and soft underfoot, and easily partners well with adjoining rooms and colors. Has understated narrow and light colored "grout lines" for a barely there ceramic tile look.

Rivera Glenn Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: San Francisco, CA
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Compliments Galore!

July 6, 2012

We wanted an old European feel for our kitchen floor. We had long decided against real tile and looked high and low for flooring that had "the look" we were searching for. This product exceeded our expectations in this regard. We have gotten so many compliments from people who thought it was the real deal. The imaging is so well done, you really need to do a double take to realize what it really is. For those of you with children and dogs, you are going to love how this floor hides the dirt in between cleaning. Sometimes it's impossible to notice!!! (A big plus in our household.) I'm giving the flooring an ""average"" on durability, and that could be a little harsh. But when I had some painters come in, they tore two sections of the floor when they moved the refrigerator to paint behind it. The vendor I bought the flooring from charged me $275 to fix the tears, which included $75 for sealant. If I didn't know the tears were there, I would've almost ignored them, but they are in a high-traffic area and I had to keep moisture out. So, that's my story on durability. If you don't plan on moving your stove or refrigerator, you should be fine.In fact, I had personally moved both appliances on my own without damage, so I put a lot of the blame on the contractor for man-handling the refrigerator, which would have easily slid out on wheels. But just a word to the wise. Otherwise, I am simply in LOVE with this floor. Make sure your vendor leaves you with the sealant when they are done, in case you need to make any small repairs in the future.

Lime Rock - Real Stone Vinyl Sheet Flooring

5 Star

City/State: Pennsylvania
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Beautiful Appearance - does not appear to be vinyl!

July 4, 2012

We selected the Lime Rock – Real Stone flooring and it is absolutely beautiful! This flooring does not appear to be vinyl! We had someone who owns a lumber company come into our home and start talking about the beautiful tile we installed in our kitchen! The floor has dimension with nice color range and truly gives the appearance of real stone. It is very durable and easy to clean. We have large dogs that run through the house and when I had the sample home, I took a knife and attempted to slice and scratch it - nothing happened. It is very durable and after approximately 6 months, shows absolutely no wear and tear! We are very happy with this product and have received numerous compliments on the flooring appearance.

Havana - SunWashed Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Nicholasville, KY
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

The advantages of premium flooring

June 18, 2012

The Sun Washed Havana has the advantages of vinyl and the look of tile with it large pattern repeat. Visitors are surprised to hear that it is vinyl. It is a textured surface that feels good barefooted, camouflages the dirt, cleans easily, Only disadvantage has been the impressions we noticed when moving appliances a few months after installation, left by the stove feet. The flooring has transformed the look of our remolded kitchen, and the Armstrong web site was helpful in choosing paint colors beyond what we had anticipated.

Alvina - Graystone Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Wellington, NV
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner


May 31, 2012


Chestnut Corner II - Rust Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Washington
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Laundry room

May 30, 2012

After seeing this floor covering in a coffee shop - I wanted to get it for my laundry room. We have had it in our laundry room for about a year. I love how it looks and how easy it is to clean and it was easily installed. I am now considering this for our kitchen at our lake house.

Murphy Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Massachusetts
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Impossible to keep clean

May 24, 2012

When looking to replace our kitchen floor, the number one criteria for my wife and I was that it was easy to clean. After installation, we really liked how the floor looked. It was also noted by both us and the installer how bright the white was. This didn't last a week. It became immediately obvious that this flooring seemed to attract dirt. Worse, it is difficult to clean. It takes a lot of elbow grease to scrub the floor. Even worse, it doesn't matter how much elbow grease you use, your floor will never be as bright white as the day you installed it. Very disappointing. We are now contemplating which flooring product we intend to place directly over this floor. It's bad enough that it was a waste of money, but it also caused significant stress due to the continuous need to scrub this floor.

Bandelier - Flint Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Gaithersburg, MD
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Lives up to 3 dogs, 1 cat and a toddler!

May 14, 2012

We had this floor installed in the kitchen and powder room before Christmas. What a success. While normal living includes two clumsy seniors, a 100 pound dog and a nasty cat, the house fills up with every holiday and some in between. This vinyl isn't even fazed by all the activity. Animal hair and dirt are nearly invisible. Mostly I wash it because I know that the baby is coming. The floor is noticeably softer and warmer than the previous version and I love the low sheen appearance. Give it a try...I think you will be equally impressed.

Bethune - Tavern Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Mayfield, KY
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Park West II Bethune Tavern

May 11, 2012

Beautiful design/color easy to clean. I just had mine installed yesterday and it made all the difference in the look of my kitchen. I love it!

Barranco Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Gatineau, QC, Canada
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Armstrong have great products!

April 9, 2012

Again Armstrong will be my choice for my next renovations. Barranco is really attractive and an excellent quality with a long term guarantee. I will go at my retailer store next week for an appraisal. It was really pleasant to use the web site tools to select my choice. I will be back in about 60 days to post pictures (before and after). Thanks! :)

Peruvian Slate - Golden Fields Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Shrewsbury, MA
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Horrible to clean

April 5, 2012

This floor looks great, but it is horrible to clean. It is very difficult to clean it with just a mop - every two feet I find myself down on my hands and knees trying to brush/scrape up dirt that the mop does not get off. Also, it is so soft that furniture leaves indents on the floor like it would on a rug.

Abella - Ivory Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: St. Cloud, MN
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

I love the very subtle leaf design. And it's not the standard square or rectangles

March 30, 2012

This is the third time we have ordered an Armstrong floor. We love this kind of floor. In fact, we ordered this design 18 years ago, and Armstrong still carried it - we were so happy we could get it again. We love this particular vinyl sheet style of floor because it is soft to walk on - no area rugs needed by sink or stove. It is so comfortable, and is very soft so it doesn't aggravate my back problems. I know some people like ceramic because it lasts forever. My back is more important. We like the light color. It makes the kitchen so much more airy and light looking, especially with my natural color oak cabinets. We no longer have children or pets in the house, but the first floor was so easy to keep clean - even though it's a light color.

Rustic Timbers - Brown Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Shuswap, BC
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

What an incredible product

March 24, 2012

We have installed this product in our hallways, den, kitchen and dining room and now are going to do the living room because we are so pleased. Its quieter than laminate and warmer on the feet. We love it and visitors can't believe its not real wood and actually get down and touch it. Great with pets. Easy to maintain and durable!

Amalfi - Black Vinyl Sheet Flooring

City/State: Toronto, ON
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner


March 5, 2012

We wanted the look of grayish/black slate in our very small bathroom at the cottage but with the temperature changes when we weren't there it made it impossible. This is the next best thing. It looks great and is much better on your feet than ceramic or even real slate would have been. So far so good. I only have one issue with it. It is hard to wash because of the flat finish especially if you drop toothpaste or a white powder of sorts. My son is doing his bathroom in the basement and wants to use this same flooring. We love the look!

Amalfi - Black Vinyl Sheet Flooring

5 Star

City/State: St. Catharines, ON
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Great looking floor.

February 13, 2012

We had this flooring installed in our bathroom at least 5 years ago and it looks as good now as when it was installed. Our son also used it in his bathroom and was very pleased. In fact, due to a severe flood in his basement causing a total renovation, he is looking for the exact same flooring to replace it.

Walnut Plank - Cherry Vinyl Sheet Flooring

5 Star

City/State: Pennsylvania
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner


February 11, 2012

We had this installed in our kitchen. It' beautiful. People think it is real wood floors! This is the next best thing.

Amalfi - Mocha Vinyl Sheet Flooring

5 Star

City/State: Chester Springs, PA
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Beautiful floor

February 3, 2012

This is my kitchen floor and I wanted vinyl so it could withstand three kids and a dog and all the mess they create. So far so good. Everyone that visits thinks we have a tile floor. Vinyl is much softer on the feet and also doesn't break if something falls on it and doesn't break the something that falls. I absolutely love it and I couldn't be happier.

Shelbyville - Taupe Vinyl Sheet Flooring

5 Star

City/State: Indianapolis, IN
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Loved look in 09, not so much the changed color and square size in '12

January 30, 2012

This was installed in a small bathroom 3 years ago. The plumber actually thought it was ceramic tile! I LOVE the look. However, when I got more in 2012, I find the "squares" are 3/4 inch smaller, the "grout" lines are smaller and uneven and the color is darker and grayer. Doesn't look as much like ceramic tile and I am disappointed that the name and number remain the same even though these changes were made. But the quality and durability seem fine, even with 7 cats and a litter box. And the new color does pick up the pink from the walls.

Quinella Vinyl Sheet Flooring

5 Star

City/State: Huxley,TX
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Great Look

January 27, 2012

This, as is all Armstrong Products, is a very good quality flooring choice. It looks great and is easy care. Many compliments will await you with this floor.

Leather - Gray Vinyl Sheet Flooring

5 Star

City/State: North Carolina
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

My kitchen looks like a magazine picture.

January 5, 2012

At least that is what everyone says when they see it. Our beautiful new floor enhances the look. The deep rich grey complements our red walls with white beadboard trim, grey granite counter tops, and white cabinets with black glass pulls. We chose the wall color and flooring first and planned the rest of the kitchen around them. The cushioned feel of the flooring is so comfortable to walk on and work on. We made an awesome choice!


Vinyl floors that look like real stone, wood and other natural materials.