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Distant Valley - Whisper

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This is an excellent product that is up to date and is the cushion step vinyl.

June 30, 2014

We bought a 20 year old condo and decided to replace all the vinyl in it. We like Armstrong products and so chose the Distant Valley Cushion Step G3110 color Whisper. This product is tear resistant and easily matched our painted walls and new carpet. We are very happy with this product and are greatful for the advancement in vinyl composition and construction over the years. It is easy to keep clean. Finally, our contractor said it was a snap to install, and it was easy to join our carpet areas.

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By BobKatak from Seattle, WA

 Ancient Slate - White

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One of Most Beautiful Floors I've Seen!

June 20, 2014

I self-installed this StrataMax "Better" floor (and did a truly professional job using ALL Armstrong products and guidelines) in "Ancient White" color in my Kitchen (about 205 SF total).

It came out absolutely amazing, I am thrilled with everything about the installation, the quality of this floor, and most of all the stunning beauty of this pattern/color. Not just me either, so far everyone who saw my new floor loves the pattern/color.

Once completed, It looks a hundred times nicer than the small sample did. BEAUTIFUL "whittish" floor, with a *very slight* light grey overtone (I did not want "super" white). The pattern is 9"x9" sculptured tiles with slightly varying thickness of the grout lines. Best of all throughout the floor there a *hints* of very, very slight color hues, but not so much as removes the overall white tone of floor. I wish anyone contemplating this floor could come to my house and see it, because it would be a deal-maker!

It lays super flat, is soft and very comfortable on your feet. And, a breeze to clean!! For the price range the quality seems to be outstanding. I highly, highly recommend!

Please note: I was NOT going to upload any pictures because I am horrible at lighting adjustment & picture taking. Then I thought of how much I myself like to see picture's in people's reviews. So, I am uploading 2 pictures, but, *please be aware* these pictures do NOT do this beautiful floor any justice. The lighting and shading and colors are NOT truly represented...But they will give you an overall idea of how it looks. To see this floor in real-life puts these pictures to shame, the floor is much, much nicer/prettier/elegant.

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By TommyT from Central Massachusetts


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Looks like real tile

June 1, 2014

We had this 12'x12' flooring installed over a previous self adhesive vinyl that did not last #it was not Armstrong# The Armstrong flooring is easy to clean, cool to walk on and is almost impossible to damage. It is flexible and have dropped drinking glasses on it without breaking. Nothing has been able to make a permanent stain.

Most people think that it is real hard tiles! Take it from me and spend a little more. I can't think of anyway it can be damaged or discolored with everyday use. We live in a condo and did not use any adhesive on the bottom side. Now after 6 years it still looks new even in high traffic areas. I will have this same flooring installed in our new home construction instead of carpet or hard tile.

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By everglades from Florida

 Mountain Slate - Warm Stone

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Great product

May 15, 2014

I just had it installed in my master bathroom and love it! The pattern has good movement to it and the color is deep/rich.

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By Lisa M from Oak Creek, WI

 Old Country - Caramel

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very realistic and of excellent quality

May 8, 2014

Flooring was installed about a month ago (April,2014), in a basement situation, has had a lot of in and out traffic with no problems. The realism of the oak pattern was beyond expectations. Overall very happy with this product!

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By Pam70 from Cogan Station, PA

 New Gate Castle - Coastal Path

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Pretty to look at and walk on.

May 1, 2014

I gave this a 5 star; however, I do have one gripe. Overall the stone pattern looks great except for one smaller square that has an odd coloring. It is entirely too light in value for the rest of the design. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Of course, being an artist, my eyes go right to it. Other than that I could not be more pleased. Our installers did a great job and I am sure it will be beautiful in years to come. The square that is too light DOES NOT show up in their photos. I have looked every where for a stone design in the vinyl sheeting and this one was the best. I'm glad I chose this design, just have to get used to the light square.

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By grasshopperdidit from Texas

 Falcon Ridge - Morning Cloud

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Great looking floor

April 11, 2014

I used this flooring in my mudroom between my garage and kitchen. I wanted something that looked like tile but didnt want to worry about cleaning grout lines. I have only had the floor for two weeks so I can't attest about durability yet. But so far it is easy to clean with a brom. The floor was professionally installed and it looks great. I would recommend to my friends.

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By shelly2014 from Aurora, IL

 Logan Falls - Sailors Delight

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Great product

April 2, 2014

Love this product, we had this installed in 2 bathrooms & the laundry room. Looks beautiful and is very easy to maintain. We also like the textured feel. With a variety of colors in the vinyl it will be very easy to change towels or redecorate.

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By Theresa14 from Mesa, AZ

 Castleford - Beige/White

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excellent floor

February 28, 2014

it looks great, shoe marks wipe off with a paper towel. it is easy to take care of and is very durable.

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By gsx2500 from Fayetteville, NC

 Belle Grove - White

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Stain Free

January 26, 2014

I especially love this floor, because it is sheet vinyl and nothing falls between the cracks when the cats knock over their water dish. Nothing stains it, we''ve spilt cherry kool-aid on the floor with no disasterous results. Easy to clean.

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By realaud from New York

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