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Count on Armstrong to create vinyl floors with durable beauty and comfort. Generations are glad they did.


Featured Vinyl Collections

To find your perfect vinyl floor, first consider what you want in a vinyl floor. Is style your priority? How about easy maintenance? Durability? After you answer that question, view the collections below to match your priorities to the right floor for your home.

Duality Vinyl Floors™

Duality Vinyl Floors™
You want the best of everything: style, comfort and durability.

Duality Premium
Duality Premium Plus

Cushionstep™ Vinyl Floors

Cushionstep™ Vinyl Floors
You want the ultimate in style and comfort.

Cushionstep™ Best
Cushionstep™ Better
Cushionstep™ Good

Stratamax® Vinyl Floors

Stratamax® Vinyl Floors
You want the ultimate in wear and stain resistance.

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