Waterproof Flooring with the Luxurious Look of Hardwood

Get beautiful waterproof flooring for high moisture rooms like the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen.

Barnyard Gray waterproof flooring – A6861Luxe Plank™ is waterproof flooring that brings the beautiful look of natural hardwood to any room in your home, even areas of high moisture.

Waterproof flooring with authentic hardwood looks

Under a highly wear-resistant, transparent top layer are rich visuals that look as natural and realistic as authentic hardwood. Luxe Plank offers a stunning variety of the most popular traditional, exotic and distressed hardwoods. In exotic Jatoba, you’ll see the heartwood colors of blood orange and brown woven with streaks of mocha in a tight grain. Likewise, the swirling lines of seasoned walnut and the elegance of buttery maple are all captured in luxurious waterproof flooring.

Luxe Plank Features

  • Plank sizes: 36˝L X 6˝W and 48”L X 4.5”W or 6”W
  • Beveled edges and ends
  • Protective coating to resist water and surface damage

Luxe Plank waterproof flooring is our easiest DIY option, so you can make over your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen or basement in just hours. There’s no extensive preparation required, but be sure the floor you’re laying over is dry, clean and flat. First, peel the protective paper from the adhesive side of the plank, then place the plank where you want it and press down until it’s set. If you make a mistake, simply pull up the flexible plank and reposition.

Recreate the style of genuine hardwood in any room where waterproof flooring is recommended. Luxe Plank gives you the wood-look design options you desire and the performance features you need.

Visit a knowledgeable Armstrong flooring retailer to get answers to all your questions.

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