Distinctive White Oak Flooring Looks from Armstrong Flooring
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White Oak Flooring

When choosing an oak floor for your home, consider the visual differences between red oak and white oak hardwood flooring.

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dove tint white oak flooring - EAKTB75L402

Oak Flooring is admired and appreciated for its strength, exceptional durability, and natural beauty. It’s the most common wood flooring used in American homes. The choice of white oak or red oak is largely a matter of personal choice, with most homeowners preferring the rosier hues of red over the golden tones of white. White oak hardwood flooring, however, possesses special qualities that are worth a second look.

Unique qualities of white oak hardwood flooring

Lighter color – White oak hardwood flooring ranges from nearly white sapwood to the tans and browns of heartwood. The creamy, soft colors of natural white oak flooring make a space feel light and airy, calm and serene. In a formal setting, this translates to a look of refined elegance. In a modern setting, the look is casual and unfussy.

Tighter, straighter grain – The closely spaced growth rings of slower-growing white oak result in a tight, straight grain pattern that gives white oak hardwood flooring a satiny, smoother texture that’s more uniform and less busy than red oak. The surface is also distinguished by longer, darker lines, or “rays” that add to white oak’s attractiveness.

More durable – White oak rates a higher 1360 on the hardwood hardness scale over red oak’s 1290, making it slightly more durable. White oak hardwood flooring may be a better option for high traffic areas like entryways, hallways, and kitchens. Its increased durability means it can also better withstand the possibility of dents, dings, and impact.

Oak floors have always been in style, thanks in part to oak’s legendary beauty and durability. One of the most attractive traits of white oak hardwood flooring is that it’s as endearing as it is enduring. Consider the unique qualities of white oak hardwood flooring and see how it can help define the personality of your home.