White Wood Floors

Use this light and airy neutral to step up the style in any room.

White wood floors lift a room by creating an atmosphere that’s light, airy, and calm. They also help give the illusion of a larger space. And just like white walls, a white floor acts as a blank canvas to show off the colors, patterns, and furnishings in your room.

White wood floors blend in well with a variety of interior styles as well as establish an association with popular classic designs. If you’re thinking about stepping up the style in your home, take a look at these white wood flooring ideas.

Get inspired by existing decor
What design style is your room? If you have wood furniture, mirrored accents, metal legs, and chrome and glass accents, you’ve got a popular style in home decorating: eclectic modern. Complete the picture with a white floor.

Maybe your room is brought to life with soft floral prints, checked or striped fabrics, baskets, pottery, along with gently worn furniture and treasures culled from antique shops and flea markets? Pull together a rustic country or French county style by adding a white wood floor.

Get back to nature
White wood floors harmonize with strong, fresh colors and with tones of blue and white. For an Asian decorating style, pair natural fiber accessories, bamboo or orchid plants, and earth colors with bold-colored accents.

Create a coastal ambiance using light blue, navy and white fabrics and striped accents. With a weathered white wood look laminate floor and a few seashells, you’ll evoke a light and breezy ocean retreat.

Get back in balance with white wood floors
The neutrality of white can help balance a room that feels out of sorts. In rooms where white or light tones are already inherent in the design, a white floor complements décor and allows other colors, patterns, and textures to take center stage. In spaces where darker tones rule, white wood floors serve as a contrast to bring definition to the eye.

Another advantage of white wood floors is that they tend to transition well as your style sense changes. And keep in mind – white is always in season when it comes to home decorating.

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