Why Buy a Hardwood Floor?

Natural beauty, durability, and lasting value put hardwood floors at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists.

For centuries, wood has brought warmth and beauty into our homes. We love wood’s timeless appeal and how its natural decorative qualities enhance the space around us. Hardwood floors are the essence of lasting value and style.

Why Buy a Hardwood Floor?
Enhances any décor - Hardwood floors let you create the ambiance you desire. Maybe you love the rugged look of wide plank, hand-scraped or distressed boards with their appealing looks from another era. Or perhaps you’re a traditionalist who cherishes flawlessly smooth expanses of oak, maple, or cherry, each with its own natural color variations and consistent graining.

With all the wood species and surface treatments available, you can choose to let the richness and character of a hardwood floor play softly in the background of a beautifully appointed room or stand boldly as a design statement.

Long-Lasting durability - A hardwood floor can provide a lifetime of exceptional beauty and comfort, even in active households with children and pets. That’s because of newer, extremely durable factory-applied finishes that protect hardwood floors against scratches, stains, and dulling. And if excessive wear starts to take its toll, a hardwood floor can be brought back to life with refinishing.

Easy care and maintenance - Part of the beauty of hardwood floors is just how easy they are to maintain. Simply sweep or vacuum regularly to pick up dust and dirt, and occasionally clean with a damp mop and hardwood floor cleaner. You’ll also want to use floor protectors under heavy furniture and mats at entryways to catch tracked-in grit and moisture.

Cost-effective investment - In addition to warmth, beauty, and comfort, hardwood floors also raise the value of your home. That’s a welcome payoff when it comes time to sell. When you factor in durability and long life, it’s easy to see why buying a hardwood floor is a wise investment.

Our love of hardwood flooring continues to grow for one simple reason: there's just no substitute for the natural beauty of wood.

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