Custom Wood SL2 Edge Board Light Oak 1683mmx600mm with Custom RG8020 PerforationB-H 300 with various perf patterns - Rd 1522 and Rv 4058 with a variety of different cutouts and plain borderCall Center - Optima L Canopy  5Dune Supreme MicroLook on 24mm gridOffice_Mineral2RH215 Microperf + Acoustic FleeceMicroline Grid with 600 x 600 MicroLook 8 PerforatedCurved Green Wall, Fabric LED, Axiom Knife Edge, Mesh CeilingsDune Supreme Tegular CeilingCirculation Area_Ultima dB MicroLook BEAdvent Underwriting, Concave and Convex CanopiesNuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Printed Optima CanopiesOffice_Mineral1Open space_Axiom CanopyIndigo Blu Tech Zone Project
Application - Open spaces, call centres    [X]
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