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Benefits of Acoustical Drop Ceilings

High-performance acoustical drop ceilings by Armstrong can reduce noise by up to 55%, while adding stylish flair to a room.

NCR and CAC Ratings

Suspended or “drop” ceilings enhance the décor of a room by adding texture and dimension to an area that’s often covered by white drywall. Another aesthetic contribution is that drop ceilings beautifully hide important home systems like plumbing and electrical components, yet allow easy access for repair and maintenance – unlike drywall. There’s yet another function that many homeowners appreciate and need, even if seldom considered: acoustical drop ceilings can significantly reduce noise.

For home theaters, media or game rooms, or any room where noise is an issue, an acoustical drop ceiling can absorb sound and reduce echo while also preventing sound from traveling to adjacent rooms. While all Armstrong ceilings offer great benefits over drywall, including easier installation, washability and fire-retardance, many of our products, including HomeStyle ceilings, also have superior acoustical properties for extra sound reduction in your home.

NCR and CAC Ratings

When evaluating performance in acoustical drop ceiling products, you’ll want to reference two general ratings: Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC). NRC tells you how much sound a ceiling panel will absorb, thereby lessening the noise within a room. CAC rates an acoustical drop ceiling’s efficiency as a barrier to airborne sound transmission – meaning how much sound travels to adjacent rooms.

The high performance surfaces of acoustical drop ceilings by Armstrong can reduce noise by 55%. If you need even more sound dampening, Classic Fine Textured 2’x2’ ceiling panel reduces sound by 70% for excellent acoustical quality.

To learn about the specific NRC and CAC soundproofing ratings for an Armstrong ceiling tile or panel, check the Retail Ceilings Guide brochure.

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion, either, when installing an acoustical drop ceiling. You will find neutral ceiling designs with a 3-dimensional look that work in any décor. Surface textures range from the look of traditional rough plaster to a fine, light texture that’s subtle and refined.

Acoustical drop ceilings by Armstrong are the perfect solution when both noise reduction and design style are a must.