Faux Tin Backsplash Ideas | Wall Decorating Ideas with Faux Tin Tiles

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Backsplashes and Walls Featuring Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Trendy ideas for decorating backsplashes and walls with faux tin ceiling tiles

6 trendy ideas for decorating backsplashes, walls and surfaces using faux tin ceiling tiles

When you cover your ceiling with richly patterned stamped metal, suddenly, everyone is looking up! Faux tin ceiling tiles like Armstrong’s Metallaire™ instantly add eye-catching sparkle and style to any décor. Today, the luster and shine of steel, brass, copper and chrome are not just for the ceiling anymore. Metallics go with every design trend, so faux tin ceiling tiles are fashionably showing up on walls, cabinet faces, backsplashes and more.

Tin ceilings date back to the 1880s when they were used, as they are today, as an affordable way to dress up the ceiling. Decorating with a turn-of-the-century vintage flavor is one way you can use faux tin ceiling tiles. However, metal looks incorporated into interior design can also make a bold, sleek, contemporary statement that says oh-so-chic.

Durable, lightweight and fireproof, faux tin ceiling tiles come in a wide variety of patterns and factory finishes, and there are many DIY-friendly ways to install these tiles throughout your home.

6 trendy ideas for decorating backsplashes, walls and surfaces using faux tin ceiling tiles:

  1. The wall area surrounding sinks needs to be protected from water drops and splashes. Faux tin ceiling tiles used as a backsplash are easy to wipe clean and maintain and, unlike ceramic tile, there’s no grout to support mildew. For this area, choose tiles with a smaller repeat pattern that will look in proportion to the space between cabinets and counter.
  2. In the bathroom, add faux tin ceiling tiles behind a pedestal sink or stand-alone bathtub. Select a finish that’s not too shiny, so you won’t be bothered by harsh reflections from light fixtures in a small space.
  3. Bring your ceiling down to eye level. Use faux tin ceiling tiles to add dimension to entryway walls or a single wall in the kitchen or bathroom. Hang a mirror on your metal wall for drama and a more open look.
  4. Give your cabinets and interior doors a facelift by inlaying paneled areas with faux tin ceiling tiles.
  5. Cover the vertical area of a kitchen island or breakfast bar with decorative metal tiles for a custom-design look.
  6. In the pantry, faux tin ceiling tiles on walls and around shelving present a decorative yet easy-to-clean surface in an area prone to spills.

Whether you find them headlining the ceiling or playing a supporting role elsewhere in a room, faux tin ceiling tiles are a real scene-stealer!