How to Install a Backsplash from Armstrong

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Backsplash Installation

Installing a backsplash is an easy DIY project that instantly updates a kitchen or bathroom.


Armstrong offers two types of backsplashes: planks and metal 18-1/2” x 48-1/2” panels.


WoodHaven Painted White planks and Beadboard planks can both be installed as a backsplash.

Before you start, unpack the planks in the room where they will be installed at least 24 hours prior to adapt to the temperature.

Vertical or Horizontal Installation

When installing the planks vertically, use a construction adhesive to secure the planks to the wall.

When installing the planks horizontally, attach them to wall studs with the WoodHaven clips enclosed in the carton, or with adhesive.

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Metal Panels

Use an adhesive to secure the metal panels to the backsplash area. Be sure to use an adhesive that will adhere to the metal panels and to the wall surface where the panels are to be mounted.

Use just enough cone head nails to secure the panels to the wall while the adhesive sets up. Do not remove the nails. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions for proper application.

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