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A Tin Backsplash Makes a Great Addition to the Kitchen

It’s easy to give your kitchen a whole new look by adding the brilliant style of a tin backsplash.

The Brilliant Look of a Tin Backsplash

You may not have the budget for a complete kitchen renovation, but you can give the heart of your home a whole new look with a tin backsplash.

Aside from serving as a shield to protect walls against splashes and splatter around countertops, a backsplash can also act as a design surface to highlight your kitchen décor.

The Brilliant Look of a Tin Backsplash

A tin backsplash brings instant style and sparkle to the often overlooked area below cabinets. Metallics are still “on trend” in interior décor, and a tin backsplash is sure to bring a refreshing change of pace from the traditional porcelain tile look. The pressed metal ceiling tiles of a tin backsplash act as a neutral backdrop that can take on warmer qualities when paired with wood cabinetry or cool, sophisticated tones when combined with streamlined appliances and furnishings.

In addition, a tin backsplash introduces textural interest to the kitchen and fits any décor style – from modern to funky retro, and Victorian to country.

Armstrong's Metallaire™ tin backsplash comes in 5 beautiful designs in stainless steel panels measuring 18-1/2" x 48-1/2". You can easily install a tin backsplash in just a few hours with adhesive and metal shears or tin snips by following these complete video installation instructions. If you really want to bring a touch of glamour to your kitchen, cover an entire wall with backsplash panels.

A tin backsplash is a beautiful and affordable solution when you’re desperate for a kitchen makeover, but can’t change everything at once.