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Basement Remodeling

Have big dreams for your basement? Here's what you need to know to turn your basement ideas into a beautiful living space.

Why Remodel?

Why Remodel?

Add value to your home. Of all home renovations, kitchen and basement remodels offer the best financial return. But there’s a caveat with basements: the quality of the new space must match the rest of the house to warrant asking for a higher selling price.

Less expensive than an addition. Finishing a basement is typically less expensive than building an addition or moving into a larger house. The total cost for a basement renovation can vary widely. It all depends on the scope of your project and whether you can do the work yourself or have to hire a contractor.

Fix existing basement problems. This is a great opportunity to take care of basement issues that you’ve been putting off, like waterproofing and repairing moisture damage. You can also use this remodel to ensure your basement is protected from future problems by choosing products that resist mold, mildew, sagging, and fire.

Common Basement Problems & Solutions

Common Basement Problems & Solutions

A basement isn’t just another room in your home. It’s a below-ground space which means special considerations may be necessary. Review a few of the most common problems found in basements and the ceiling solutions that can help fix them.

View Common Basement Problems & Solutions

Basement Design Tools and Estimators

Basement Design Tools and Estimators

We've created several design tools and estimators to make it easy for you to visualize a new Armstrong ceiling in your basement and get an estimate for the amount of ceiling tiles, planks, or panels you'll need.

View Online Basement Tools

Basement Drop Ceiling Installation

Basement Drop Ceiling Installation Video

Basement Drop Ceiling Installation

Learn how to install a stylish drop ceiling in your basement.

Watch the Video

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