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Trendy Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Let your imagination soar with these unique and trendy bathroom ceiling designs.

It may be a small space but, but what a big splash you can make in the bathroom with a ceiling makeover! Explore these DIY-friendly and affordable ceiling designs to find the one that matches your style and decor.

Metallic glamour

The polished, neutral look of metallics quickly migrated from fashion to interior design. Bathroom fixtures, hardware and accessories all now sparkle with the high-shine of stainless steel, copper and chrome. The height of glamour in bathroom ceiling designs is a stunning decorative metal ceiling. There’s a range of beautifully made patterns to match any style – from sleek, modern geometrics to the intricate embellishment of vintage tin. Stick to neutrals in silvery finishes or warm up the color palette in your bathroom with brass and copper ceiling tiles.

Rustic retreat

This trend is about getting back to nature using simple, natural materials like stone, wood, wrought iron, linen and hemp to create the feeling of being close to nature. Sparse accents of color are introduced through accessories. For rustic bathroom ceiling designs, choose wood ceiling planks to echo a relaxed and soothing mood.

Light and airy

Cool, calm and associated with cleanliness, white is ideal for the bathroom and the perfect choice for those who appreciate subtlety over spectacle. A little bit of texture or the addition of a pale color will keep white relaxed and alluring, like a gentle breeze. For bathroom ceiling designs with texture, a beadboard ceiling is as charming as it gets.

An unexpected break of color on the ceiling adds dimension and feels bright and cheerful. Paintable ceiling tiles in light blue tones, such as aquamarine or silvery blue or pale green shades like lemongrass or cool mint, are easy on the eyes.

Personalize your ceiling

A handcrafted touch in bathroom ceiling designs transforms the space into an expression of your creativity. Spray or brush paintable tin ceiling tiles with metallic or pearlescent color. Wash over this coat with a thin layer of glaze mixed with just a hint of white to soften the sparkle.

Create a canopy of color with faux painting on paintable ceiling tiles. Arrange ceiling and apply techniques before installation to make the project easier.

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to involve a complete makeover. With imagination and some inspiring bathroom ceiling designs, this small room can feel like an oasis. View other bathroom ceiling ideas in our photo gallery.

IMPORTANT:  Before starting any bathroom ceiling installation, make sure you have proper ventilation to control excess humidity. Armstrong ceilings are treated with a special back coating to resist moisture. Armstrong mineral fiber ceilings offer HumiGuard™ Plus for sag resistance and BioBlock® to inhibit stain and odor-causing mold and mildew.

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