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The Beauty of a Beadboard Ceiling

A beadboard ceiling expands your range of decorating options.

Decorating Tips with Beadboard Ceiling Planks

Beadboard is usually associated with the New England shoreline’s tidy Cape Cod houses with their pristine exteriors and cozy and inviting interiors. While beadboard does lend a hint of cottage appeal, it’s fresh, uncomplicated styling goes well with traditional and contemporary décor as well.

There’s something about the refined detailing of beadboard that always looks vibrant and clean, making it an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms. When used on the ceiling, beadboard adds a layer of texture that softly influences the look of furnishings without changing the overall décor.

Prefinished WoodHaven beadboard ceiling planks are maintenance-free, affordable, and easy to install yourself. You only need a few simple tools, and you can do the job in the space of a weekend.

Decorating Tips with Beadboard Ceiling Planks

  • Traditional white beadboard brightens a space and helps reflect light back into a room, but you can also paint ceiling planks to coordinate with your room colors.
  • Beadboard planks are a decorative solution to easily camouflage damaged or outdated ceilings, such as popcorn ceilings.
  • Install beadboard ceiling planks in the same direction as your floor boards for visual continuity. If you have ceiling beams, run beadboard planks perpendicular to beams for an interesting twist.
  • WoodHaven beadboard planks offer superior humidity and sag resistance for use in typically humid areas like basements and bathrooms. These planks are also treated with BioBlock, which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the treated surface.

Classic beadboard installed on the ceiling is a great way to update a room without spending a lot of time or money.