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Beadboard Ceiling Ideas for a Kitchen

Turn your kitchen into a comfortable retreat with classic beadboard ceiling planks.

Beadboard Ceiling Ideas

Kitchens are natural gathering places, the heart of the home. What could be more inviting to family and friends than a kitchen that’s cheerful and welcoming? If you’re looking to add country charm or vintage style to your kitchen, add a beadboard ceiling.

Traditional beadboard has been a design staple since the earliest farmhouses and country cottages, where it was used as wainscoting and in cabinetry. Today, its timeless design can also be applied to the ceiling with beadboard ceiling planks. The planks attach directly to your existing ceiling with a unique clip system that makes installation perfect for the DIYer. The tongue-and-groove system requires no special tools or equipment, and there’s no grid to interrupt the custom-looking design.

Beadboard Ceiling Ideas

Traditional ceiling – A flat, conventional ceiling suddenly becomes a focal point with beadboard ceiling planks. Complement this look with crown molding that projects slightly from the wall to create the illusion that your 8 ft. ceiling appears taller.

Cathedral / vaulted ceilings – With pitched sides that rise to the top of the house, cathedral and vaulted ceilings already possess a design advantage, but they don’t necessarily inspire a cozy feeling. Installing beadboard ceiling planks over the ceiling surface adds texture that delights the eye with charm and personality.

Exposed beams – Beadboard ceiling planks installed between exposed beams add to the “cozy comfort” feeling associated with this country living look. If you don’t have exposed beams in your kitchen, you can purchase faux wood beams.

Coffered ceiling – The formal look of a coffered ceiling can be softened considerably when beadboard ceiling planks decorate the inset sections. Add farm-style hanging lights to complete the more relaxed décor style.

Tray ceiling – This ceiling style, characterized by a recessed rectangular center, is often seen in kitchen and dining rooms. Heighten the architectural appeal of a tray ceiling by installing beadboard ceiling planks in the center.

Armstrong beadboard ceiling planks come in white but can be painted to create a unique look for your kitchen. Use the charming look of beadboard to turn your kitchen into a delightfully cozy retreat for family and friends.