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Trendy Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Explore these do-it-yourself bedroom ceiling designs that will quickly transform your private space into a decorative haven.

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The bedroom is not only the place to catch some ZZZs, it’s also the perfect room to show off your individual style and personality. If you're looking to personalize your bedroom but don't know where to begin, explore these unique bedroom ceiling designs.

Venetian Plaster

For one of the more unique bedroom ceiling designs, recreate the glamorous look of Venetian plaster with a color wash painting technique. Select a ceiling tile with a stucco plaster texture. Apply a matte color base coat over the entire surface and allow it to dry. Using a wide bristle brush, apply a complementary semi-gloss color in loose, overlapping dry brush strokes so the base color shows through. Use cheesecloth to blot and soften, eliminating strong brush marks. The effect creates the appearance of multi-dimensional, two-tone marble with a slight sheen characteristic of Venetian plaster. After drying, tiles can be applied directly to the ceiling.

Imaginative Modern

Modern often means a minimalist approach that can leave a ceiling looking bland. Adding layers and texture can enliven a flat surface without diverting from the sleek chicness of simplicity. Beadboard and white ceiling planks are two very easy solutions. In these bedroom ceiling designs, beadboard creates clean, vertical lines to draw the eye upward, while the embossed wood grain of white ceiling planks adds a hint of texture in a neutral tone.

Fine Art Opulence

Paint tin ceiling paintable ceiling tiles a warm, rich color topped with metallic paint in loose brush strokes. Good color combinations for bedroom ceiling designs include terracotta under copper, dark blue or eggplant under silver or pewter, mineral red under gold. The intricate embossed designs of the ceiling tiles enhance the overall textural effect. For a grand statement with an element of restraint, paint white tiles with metallic paint only in a Neo-Classical style.

Trendy Tawnies

On trend right now in bedroom ceiling designs is the addition of wood planking. Even if you don’t have exposed beams or a chalet style roof, ceiling planks add visual texture and interest that exudes warmth and intimacy. Many wood-look options are available in light, medium and dark tones to match your décor. If you favor a casual or cottage style, choose bleached or weathered planks.

Like no other room in the home, your bedroom should feel like a comfortable, uniquely personal sanctuary where you can recharge after a long day.