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The Rich, Dramatic Look of Black Ceiling Panels

Create a Stylish Home Theater with Black Ceiling Panels.

Black Ceiling Panels Add a Bold Look to Home Theater and Family Game Rooms

Black Ceiling Panels Add a Bold Look to Home Theater and Family Game Rooms

Black ceiling panels in a suspended ceiling system add sophisticated drama to any room in the home, but there are some rooms that are ideally suited for the bold look of basic black. Take, for instance, a high-tech home theater or a family game room, in these rooms, black ceiling panels would create a fashionable statement, while also being functional.

In a home theater, black ceiling panels reduce the light reflected from a flat-panel TV and work well with low-light levels, giving the room the feel of a real movie theater. In this type of room, Armstrong’s HomeStyle Fine Fissured black ceiling panels look beautiful, and they also absorb up to 60 percent of the sound that strikes their surface. That means that while you’re enjoying optimal sound quality in the comfort of your private theater, the sound escaping from the room would be significantly reduced.

In the family game room where the pool table, flat-panel TV, video game console and board games compete for space, how can you create a well-designed room that provides an enjoyable atmosphere for your family to hang out? Easy. Pull it all together under a spectacular black coffered ceiling. Easy Elegance black coffer panels add depth, dimension and a touch of excitement to a family game room. Plus, Easy Elegance black coffer panels are quick and easy to install, making them perfect for a weekend DIY project!

Decorating with black ceiling panels is a great way to change the look of any room. For home theaters and game rooms, ignore what you’ve heard about dark colors making a room look small. A sleek, satiny black ceiling makes wood grains pop with richness and other room details spring to life. For little cost and effort, black ceiling panels can transform an otherwise drab living space into a stylish hub for gathering family and friends.