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QuikStix for Ceilings Estimator

Calculate the amount of materials you’ll need for your ceiling installation.

1. Please enter the perimeter of the room in feet.
2. Please enter the square footage of the room.
 sq. ft.

Required Materials (# of pieces)

Knurled Angle Mold:
KAM15105 Knurled Angle Mold (10')
(LAM12R Locking Angle (12') can also be used)
DGS Main Beam:
HD8906R DGS Main Beam (12')
T de 4 pies:
XL8945PR DGS (4' Cross Tee)
QSUTCR QuikStix Up Tight Clip (Packet)
NOTE: If using ShortSpan, quantities will depend upon room dimension.
This is an estimator only - we are not responsible for errors, overages, or shortages.