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Installation Overview

Before you grab your tool belt, learn more about different Armstrong installation projects.

Are You a DIYer?

Are You a Ceiling DIYer?

Watch this video to learn the different skill levels required for a variety of ceiling installation projects.

Easy: 480 Country Classic Plank
Moderately Easy: WoodHaven® Planks
Advanced: Metallaire™ Tin Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles

Installing ceiling tiles - Installation overview

Ceiling Tiles

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are installed directly over the surface of an existing ceiling. This type of installation is called “direct apply” or "surface mount". No grid is required. There are two installation methods: Easy Up® Guaranteed Installation System and adhesive.

Armstrong Ceiling Tiles

  • HomeStyle®
  • Tin Look™
  • Metallaire™ (attached with cone head nails)
View Ceiling Tile Installation

Ceiling Planks

Ceiling plank installation

Ceiling Planks

Ceiling planks are typically attached directly over an existing ceiling. WoodHaven® plank ceilings can also be installed in a suspended grid system.

Armstrong Ceiling Planks (tongue and groove)

  • HomeStyle
  • WoodHaven
View Ceiling Plank Installation

Ceiling Panels

Learn more about drop ceiling installation

Ceiling Panels

Ceiling panels are typically installed in a suspended ceiling grid system. The grid and other installation components are sold separately.

Armstrong Ceiling Panels

  • Metallaire™
  • Easy Elegance™ coffered panels
  • HomeStyle®
  • Contractor Series™

Only three inches overhead clearance is required for most Armstrong suspended ceilings, so you don’t have to sacrifice headroom in a space with a low ceiling

View Ceiling Panel Installation

StyleStix™ Ceiling Grid Covers

StyleStix™ Ceiling Grid Covers

StyleStix grid covers fit overtop a suspended metal grid to create the look of a coffered ceiling. It's an easy DIY project. The only tool required is a hack saw or miter saw to cut the grid covers to the right lengths.

All the materials needed to cover a 64 sq. ft. ceiling grid (2’ x 2’) are included in the StyleStix kit:

  • 5 - 6’ wall molding covers
  • 6 - 6’ grid covers
  • 12 - 2’ grid covers

 View StyleStix Installation Instructions

Drywall Grid & Framing Systems

Drywall Grid & Framing Systems

Eliminate the labor-intensive measuring, cutting, spacing, and nailing of wood framing with Armstrong’s drywall grid and framing systems. Our systems are pre-engineered with rout locations and cross tees to maintain precise module spacing, saving time and money. And – they install 30-40% faster than wood framing.

Armstrong’s drywall systems are manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM standards and code requirements and are engineered to provide an economical alternative to wood stud construction.

Performance Features (Vs. Wood Framing)

  • Dimensionally stable – no call backs for warping. Eliminates nail pops and movement of taping joints.
  • No secondary sorting of material, lighter weight, compact packaging, easy to transport and load project.
  • Hot dipped galvanized coating – provides corrosion, insect, and mold and mildew resistance.
  • Heavy duty load rating – minimum 16 lbs/lf on main beams.
  • 30% recycled content

These systems are specifically designed for flat and curved ceilings, walls, soffits, ceiling transitions, light coves, and many other applications.

 View Drywall Grid & Framing Systems Installation

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