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Find detailed instructions to guide you through every step of a ceiling installation.

Installation Overview

Explore a variety of ceiling installation and drywall framing projects that you can do yourself if you have the experience and handyman tools.

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Ceiling Tile Installation

Installing ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles can be directly applied to existing ceilings with Armstrong's no-mess Easy Up® Guaranteed Installation System or adhesive.

View Ceiling Tile Installation

Ceiling Plank Installation

Installing ceiling planks

Ceiling planks are easy to install, but each style has different installation options. Find the recommended options for your ceiling product.

View Ceiling Plank Installation

Ceiling Panel Installation

Installing ceiling panels

Drop ceiling panels are installed in a suspended grid system. With a few basic tools, you can install a drop ceiling in as little as a weekend.

View Ceiling Panel Installation

Walls Installation

Accent wall installation

Don’t stop with the ceiling! Create beautiful accent walls with Armstrong wall products.

View Walls Installation


Ceiling material estimator

Armstrong offers helpful tools to help you estimate the amount of materials you’ll need for your ceiling installation or drywall framing.

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Installation Video Library

Browse our installation video library

Watch our installation videos to learn how to install ceiling tiles, panels, or tongue and groove planks.

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QuikStix™ Drywall Grid and Framing Systems

QuikStix™ Estimator

QuikStix™ is a pre-engineered steel framing system for interior, non-load bearing walls, ceilings, and soffits.

 View QuikStix Soffit and Drywall Framing System Installation Instructions