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Material Estimators

Give us your room dimensions and let our ceiling tile calculator estimate the amount of materials you'll need for your installation.


Ceiling Material Estimator

Answer a few questions about your room dimensions, your decorative ceiling choice, and installation method, and get a list of materials to take to your retailer.

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Easy Up® Guaranteed Installation Estimating Guide

Easy Up® Guaranteed

Use this quick reference guide to estimate the amount of installation materials you’ll need to install Armstrong’s tile and plank ceilings.

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QuikStix™ Drywall Framing System

QuikStix™ Drywall Framing System Ceiling Estimator

QuikStix is the pre-engineered steel framing system for interior non-load bearing ceilings, walls, and soffits.

Ceiling Estimator

Get an estimate for the QuikStix moldings, beams, tees, and clips you’ll need for your new ceiling.

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Walls Estimator

QuikStix™ Drywall Framing System Walls Estimator

Use this estimator to calculate the QuikStix pieces required for your wall liner and wall partition.

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Soffits Material Estimator

QuikStix™ Drywall Framing System Soffits Material Estimator

This estimator will calculate the number of locking angles and soffit tees you’ll need to create perfect soffits and vertical drops around air ducts and other obstructions.

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