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Ceiling Myths

What’s myth and what’s fact? We’ll settle it right here.

Easy Up Ceiling Installation

Myth #1

Myth: Popcorn ceilings are heavily textured and messy to remove – and they must be removed before a new ceiling can be installed.

Fact: You don’t need to do anything to a popcorn ceiling. Just cover it up with any direct apply ceiling using our Easy Up® Guaranteed Installation System.

Armstrong WoodHaven Ceiling

Myth #2

Myth: Ceiling options for the home have to look functional – like an office.

Fact: Unless “office-like” is your style, you don’t have to be stuck with that type of ceiling. Armstrong makes beautiful decorative ceilings that are affordable and easy to install yourself, such as WoodHaven® planks, Easy Elegance™ Coffers, and Metallaire™ panels.

Armstrong HomeStyle Ceiling

Myth #3

Myth: All ceilings have acoustical properties.

Fact: It depends on the manufacturer and the ceiling product. Armstrong’s HomeStyle® high performance ceiling panels offer superior acoustical properties for extra sound reduction in a home.

Armstrong HomeStyle Ceiling

Myth #4

Myth: Ceilings eventually sag.

Fact: If your Armstrong ceiling is installed properly and maintained under the right conditions, it will remain flat and level. Look for ceilings with Humiguard Plus to provide extra sag resistance.

Armstrong Metallaire Ceiling

Myth #5

Myth: Suspended ceilings require a 6” – 8” drop.

Fact: Armstrong suspended ceilings require a minimum of only 3” of overhead clearance. Direct apply products can be fastened directly to wood joists or existing drywall ceilings.

Ceiling Myths Video

5 Ceiling Myths

Want to see more ceiling myths? Watch this video about ceiling myths in a basement remodel.

View 5 Ceiling Myths Videos

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