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Ceiling Panel Installation

Ceiling panels for suspended ceilings come in a variety of decorative styles and make a great weekend DIY project.

Ceiling Panels

Armstrong offers suspended ceiling grid systems designed for each ceiling panel collection.

Metallaire™ panels deliver a tin ceiling look in a 2’ x 2’ suspended grid system.

Download Metallaire Installation Instructions

Easy Elegance™ rigid PVC coffered ceiling panels are installed in a 2’ x 2’ suspended grid system.

Download Easy Elegance Installation Instructions

HomeStyle® mineral fiber ceiling panels are installed in either a Prelude (15/16” face) OR a Suprafine (9/16” face) suspended grid system. Check the item product page for the grid system you need.

Download HomeStyle Installation Instructions

Contractor Series™ panels are available in either 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ panels and are installed in a Prelude (15/16”) suspended grid system.

Download Contractor Series Installation Instructions

Only 3 inches overhead clearance required for most Armstrong suspended ceilings, so you don’t have to sacrifice headroom in a space with a low ceiling.

Ceiling Panel Installation Video

Now Playing: Suspended & Drop Installation Guide

Learn what tools and materials are needed to complete your suspended or drop ceiling installation project.

View More Videos

StyleStix Grid Covers


Create a coffered ceiling look or simply cover up yellowed grid with StyleStix grid covers, made to simply snap over a 2’ x 2’ suspended grid system.

StyleStix Installation Instructions

Install Recessed Lighting in a Suspended Ceiling

Installing Recessed Lighting

Get instructions for installing recessed lights in a suspended ceiling.

View Lighting Tips

Ceiling Panel Installation Tips

Helpful Tips

Find helpful tips and solutions to common installation questions.

View Installation Tips

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