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Find A Store

Find a Store

Prepare for Your Store Visit

Prepare for your visit to a ceiling retailer or home center by following these 4 steps.

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Before you visit your local home center or ceiling retailer, plan ahead.



It’s helpful to take these key room measurements, so you can get an estimate of the ceiling materials you’ll need.

  • Total square feet of your ceiling space, plus 10% for trimming and errors
  • Perimeter of your space for moldings

To make things easy, use our materials estimator tool.  It does all the calculating for you – all you need to do is print the estimate and take it with you.

Bring Decorating Materials

Bring Decorating Materials

To help visualize your new ceiling while you’re at the store, bring along items like these:

  • Drawings or photos of the space where the ceiling will be installed
  • Paint, fabric, or wallpaper swatches
  • Pictures of rooms or products that you are using for inspiration
Ask Questions

Ask Questions

Have questions prepared for your retailer to make sure you’re exploring the right ceiling products for your room.

Here are some examples:

  • Should I choose a drop ceiling or a nail-up ceiling?
  • Will a mineral fiber ceiling make my room look like an office?
  • What are the installation costs if I don’t do it myself?
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