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Safety & Comfort

Discover the variety of ceiling features from Armstrong that can enhance your home's beauty, safety, and comfort.

Standard Features

Standard Features

Standard Features

All of our ceiling systems are designed for easy DIY installation and maintenance-free performance.

By choosing Armstrong ceiling products, you’re also making your home more environmentally friendly. Our ceilings contain at least 24% recycled materials, with some as much as 95%. See the product specifications for details.

Special Features

Many Armstrong ceilings have special features that improve the safety and comfort of your home.

Mold, mildew, and bacteria resistance

Ceilings enhanced with BioBlock®, an anti-microbial treatment, inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the treated surface, odor, and stain-causing bacteria.

Mold and Mildew Resistant Panels


Ceilings can help reduce noise within a room by absorbing the sounds that strike their surface. They can also inhibit noise from traveling room to room.

Sound Control

Sag resistance

Ceilings are designed to resist sagging in areas with high humidity.

Light reflectance (LR)

Ceilings with a high LR value increase illumination, making your space brighter and reducing the need for additional light fixtures.

I-joist Fire Safety Video

Enhanced Fire Performance

FireGuard™ ceilings and grids are specially formulated to provide enhanced resistance against structural failure. Learn how our High Performance products meet residential codes for I Joist Fire Safety.

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Quality Construction

The quality materials we use in our ceiling products ensure outstanding beauty and lasting performance year after year.

Mineral Fiber

Mineral fiber ceilings contain slag wool, recycled from steel production, and cellulose fiber, recycled from newspaper.

View HomeStyle® Ceilings

View Tin Look™ Ceilings


No-rust metal panels are made of steel or aluminum and contain 60% recycled materials.

View Metallaire™ Ceilings


Rigid PVC ceiling panels offer mold, mildew, bacteria and sag resistance, which makes them ideal for basements.

View Easy Elegance Coffered Panels

Laminate over MDF

Laminate over MDF – High-definition, durable laminate over medium density fiberboard presents a natural wood look and feel. It also provides moisture and sag resistance.

 View WoodHaven™ Planks

Better Indoor Air Quality

Breathe a little easier in your home with Armstrong ceiling solutions, designed to contribute to good indoor air quality.


Brightex ceiling panels remove 50% of formaldehyde in the air for up to 10 years, while also reducing noise and raising light levels in a room.


Our decorative and acoustical ceilings satisfy requirements for low volatile organic compound emissions.