How to Replace Ceiling Tiles from Armstrong

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Replacement of Ceiling Tiles, Planks, and Panels

If a ceiling tile, panel, or plank becomes stained or damaged, learn how to replace just the damaged tile – not the whole ceiling.

Suspended Ceiling Panels

Removing Damaged Ceiling Tile

How to Replace Damaged Panels

Suspended ceiling panels are easy to replace. Just follow these simple instructions.


  • Push up on damaged 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ ceiling panel with both hands to raise it above the suspended grid.
  • Tilt the panel at an angle that allows easy movement past the grid.


  • Install the new panel by following the steps above in reverse order.
  • Gently shift the new panel to seat it correctly.
  • To trim panels, cut face-side up with a sharp utility knife.

Caution When Replacing Metallaire™ Panels

  • Wear heavy gloves to protect your hands from the sharp edges.
  • To trim panels, use electric metal shears or tin snips.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles and Planks

Removing Damaged Ceiling Tile from Easy Up System

How to Replace Tiles and Planks

Before you replace a damaged mineral fiber ceiling tile or plank, you need to know how it was installed.

Armstrong tiles and planks are directly applied with the Easy Up® Guaranteed Installation System or on furring strips with adhesive.

Tiles – Installed with Easy Up

View Tile Replacement

Planks – Installed with Easy Up

View Plank Replacement

Tiles – Installed on Furring Strips

View Tile Replacement

Planks – Installed on Furring Strips

View Plank Replacement