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Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Decorative ceiling tiles can change or enhance your room design.

Decorating is all about combining details to create a pleasing atmosphere. When it comes to design details, decorative ceiling tiles offer pattern, texture, and style that can help you define your space.

Decorative Details in Ceiling Tiles

Pattern – A decorative pattern contributes significantly to a room’s personality. Your ceiling is the perfect spot to add pattern pizzazz. In small rooms, scale the pattern proportionally. Medium-to-large size rooms can handle more pattern, as well as large size ceiling tiles.

The intricate designs of historic tin tiles are always admired for their warmth and beauty. Richly embossed tin ceiling tiles will charm the ho-hum out of any room. Consider applying metallic paint for an authentic look, or paint tiles any color to match your room decor.

Texture – The contrast that texture creates helps establish the mood of a room. Traditional rooms look best in refined, smooth textures. Contemporary spaces need more textural interest. Romantic rooms are enhanced by elegant and subtle textures, while a “cozy” style calls for tweedy or rugged textures, like that of stucco plaster. Another tip to keep in mind: the more neutral-colored a room is, the more it needs texture to break up the subtle color palette.

Style – Whether your tastes tend toward contemporary, traditional, rustic, or anything in between, there’s a ceiling tile to match! Visit the Photo Gallery to get creative ideas. Details matter – especially when it comes to style. Ceiling tiles with beveled edges give a polished, finished look. It’s a small detail that really accentuates a room.

You want your home to be a reflection of you. Why not take inspiration from the many looks available in easy-to-install ceiling tiles?

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