Easy Elegance Coffer Easy Elegance Coffered Paintable 2' x 2' Panel 1280 by Armstrong

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Easy Elegance Coffer Coffered White 2' x 2' Panel

Product details for Easy Elegance Coffer Drop Panel

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So simple to install, so beautiful to behold. Easy Elegance offers a classic coffered look at a fraction of the cost of custom work. Made of rigid PVC and available in two lightweight styles and two colors that easily fit into a standard suspension system.


Armstrong products contribute to your comfort without sacrificing our commitment to the environment. From high light reflectance ceilings that can reduce the light fixtures needed and maintaining good indoor environmental air-quality, most of our ceiling products contain at least 24% recycled materials and some as much as 95%. We are proud to offer products that support the environment.

Recycled Content: 0%

Product Name
Easy Elegance Coffer
Product Type
2' x 2' x 2-1/2"
Item #
Product Family
Price per Sq. Ft. (U.S.)
$2.50 - $3.99/Sq. Ft. Get Project Estimate
Material Type
Lightweight PVC
Look / Visual
Project Solutions
Room Brightening
Package Quantities
20 piece(s) (80 square feet)
Edge Detail
Product Spec Sheet


Fire Resistant
Class A, Residential Use Only
Light Reflectance
0.85 (White)
Sag Resistant
HumiGuard Plus
Soil Resistance
Enhances Air Quality?


Armstrong products are designed to be installed with specific installation systems. View the list below for the materials you’ll need for the best results.


Grid (Suspended)
Grid Face: 15/16"

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Armstrong offers a variety of accessories to make your installation easier or to enhance the look of your new ceiling or wall. View the list of accessories below designed for use with this product.



This Easy Elegance brochure will guide you through how to install the product and help you estimate how much material you will need.
View beautiful room scenes and imagine different possibilities using this inspirational guide to the Custom Creations line of products.
For the homeowner, this Retail Ceiling Guide shows the entire line of Armstrong's ceiling products available through our independent retailers.

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