Class A-rated Fire Safety Code Ceilings

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Ceilings and Fire Safety

Most Armstrong Ceilings comply with new fire safety codes and are rated Class A based on ASTM testing methods

Armtrong Ceilings and Fire Performance

Local residential and commercial building codes for safe construction rely on two fire ratings to evaluate compliance:

  1. Flame & Smoke Spread*
  2. UL Fire Resistance Assembly Rating (Hourly Rating)**

The good news is that almost all Armstrong Ceiling panels, tiles, and planks achieve a Class A rating for flame/smoke spread, and are therefore suitable for use in most residential and commercial spaces. Find the fire classification on our Product Specifications page.

However, certain spaces require an even higher level of assurance. Check with your local code officials to understand your project requirements. For UL Fire-Rated assemblies, look for our Fire Guard ™ items. Remember, UL tests entire systems. Look for both Fire Guard ™ ceiling panels and grid main beams.

*  Test Method ASTM E84
** Test Method ASTM 119

Residential Basement Codes and Armstrong Ceilings

Fire Guard™ ceiling panel (for UL Fire-Rated Assemblies)

High Performance ceiling panels (Meets Residential Codes with 7400R or 8300 Grid)

Suspension Systems (use with Prelude® cross tees and wall molding)

Armstrong Ceiling's 7400R and 8300 Prelude Installation Systems have a patented thermal expansion relief notch to help maintain the structural integrity of the ceiling. These main beams are installed with our standard Prelude Cross Tees and Wall Molding.