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Coffered Ceiling Cost

Consider these key points when calculating coffered ceiling cost.

Finished Costs

The architectural interest of a coffered ceiling is unlike any other for adding style to your home. It is important to understand all of the factors that go into the cost of a coffered ceiling so you can plan for your project without any suprises.

In addition to the cost of the coffered panels themselves, you will need to budget for the metal suspension system and the border of your choice. Use our material estimator to get a rough idea of the cost for your panels and suspension system.

Material Estimator

Finished Costs

Easy Elegance™ coffered ceiling panels offer you the choice between two border looks:

  1. Panels installed in a drywall Perimeter Border – most professional look!
  2. Panels installed with border panels – easiest installation!

Drywall Perimeter Borders
Drywall perimeter borders are the recommended option for most coffered ceiling installations to achieve a smooth, ceiling-to-wall finish. Due to the height of the Easy Elegance™ coffer panels, we do not recommend cutting the panels. Instead use full-size panels in the middle of your ceiling, and finish the perimeter of the room with drywall border for a clean, professional look.

The same Prelude™ metal suspension system can be used for the coffered panels and the drywall with the addition of a few simple transition clips. The clips will run you approximately $50.00 plus the cost of labor and supplies for the drywall itself. While these are nominal, they will add to your coffered ceiling cost.

Border Panels
Just like the drywall border, this alternate for a border solution will not be a significant cost. In this case, you will use a traditional acoustic ceiling panel with a tegular (stepped) edge, such as our 271 Sahara or 296 Oasis panels.

Just lay out your ceiling project with full-size 2x2’ coffered panels in the center of the space. Then, for the remainder of the ceiling space, determine how many cut ceiling panels you will need. While these acoustic ceiling panels are slightly more expensive than drywall, cutting the tiles is truly a DIY-project and, in most spaces, will take less than a day to complete without the need to wait for drywall compound to dry.

Read our coffered ceiling installation FAQ's for more details:
 Armstrong Easy Elegance Coffered Ceiling Panels Install FAQs


Because of the depth of the coffered panel, leave approximately 6 inches above the coffer for clearance. This measurement will help you determine at exactly what height your grid should be installed and how far your drywall border should come down from the plenum.

Easy Elegance panels work with most modern light fixtures. Depending on the panel depth and the fixture, the lighting could require a height extension for the extra clearance.

Heat Source
Our coffered panels are made of PVC, so it's important to not to install in direct contact with an open flame or heat source that can exceed 130 degrees Farenheit. Most modern recessed CFL and LED lights meet this requirement.