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Coffered Ceilings Guide

This decorative ceiling style packs a visual punch.

Coffered Ceilings

Ceiling: Easy Elegance Coffered Ceiling 1280

Coffered Ceilings

A coffered ceiling is created with coffered panels or "coffers". Coffers are sunken panels attached to a suspended grid to create a new ceiling with depth and architectural interest. Each lightweight coffered panel is 2’ x 2’ and available in either a deep or shallow style. Deep coffers add visual weight to a room, while shallow coffers create a lighter feel.

Armstrong Coffered Panels

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You can install an Armstrong coffered ceiling in a new or existing 2' x 2' suspended ceiling grid. Since no room is perfectly square, you'll also need to create a perimeter border, using either shallow coffered panels that you cut with scissors or drywall. A drywall border is the preferred option since it will provide a high-end, custom look.

Ceiling Panel Installation Instructions

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