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Bring Your Ceiling to Life with Colored Ceiling Tiles

Design your own colored ceiling tiles for an easy, affordable way to brighten up any room.

Decorative painting techniques for colored ceiling tiles

Create something beautiful and unique for your home with colored ceiling tiles. Paintable ceiling tiles from Armstrong are 12” or 16” squares that are easy to paint or finish. Creating your own colored ceiling tiles with decorative painting techniques is a simple project that any DIYer can do.

Decorative painting techniques for colored ceiling tiles

Faux finish –Try patterning your ceiling with a faux finish technique such as sponging, ragging or dry brushing on budget-friendly HomeStyle® ceiling tiles. A subtle pattern adds depth to a room. Use latex paint in the same shade as on your walls or go a touch lighter or darker for a slight contrast.

Sophisticated shimmer – Create a sophisticated and elegant look for dining or living rooms with colored ceiling tiles enhanced with a soft shimmer. Paint tiles in a flat, latex neutral shade like champagne then dry-brush an iridescent paint in pearl to add dimension. This effect works best with 16” x 16” tiles that visually expand the space by showing fewer seams.

Traditional or contemporary tin look - Create the dramatic look of a tin ceiling at a fraction of the cost by using colored ceiling tiles. Start by selecting an authentic tin pattern from Armstrong’s Tin Look™ collection. For a traditional, antique tin ceiling look, apply a dark rust color to each ceiling tile, then brush on a clear crackle solution. Allow to dry before applying a flat top color in cream, soft green or yellow. Use loose brush strokes and a light touch. As the top coat dries and cracks, the darker color will show through, imitating an antique finish.

For a contemporary approach to the tin look, paint ceiling tiles in a dark chocolate brown. When dry, lightly apply a metallic paint so that only the raised pattern flashes a beautiful, coppery finish.

If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to brighten up a room in a unique way, colored ceiling tiles make an unexpected visual statement. For complete instructions and more decorating ideas, visit our ceilings installation video library.