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Design Articles

Need help deciding what type of decorative ceiling to install in your new room? Get ideas from our design articles.

Design Articles

Design Articles

Designing your new room starts with some form of inspiration. Maybe it's a color swatch, or a picture, a fabric, or even a pillow. Or maybe the room itself provides the inspiration. Once you have that piece, you can start to create your vision around it.

To help you visualize how a decorative ceiling would fit into your room design, we've created a series of articles identified by specific ceiling topics: General Design, Wood-Look Ceiling, Metal Ceiling, Colored Ceiling TIles, and Ceilings by Room.

Take a look - and good luck!

General Design Articles

Popular ceiling styles article

A Guide to Popular Ceiling Styles

Learn about different ceiling styles and the Armstrong ceiling designs that can enhance the beauty of your home.

Read the Article: Popular Ceiling Styles

Decorating ceilings article

Dazzling Decorating Ideas to Make Your Ceiling Soar

View decorating ideas for transforming your ceiling from a plain, flat surface into a canopy of beauty.

Read the Article: Decorating Ideas

ceiling tiles and design article

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Learn about the different patterns, textures, and ceiling tile styles from Armstrong.

Read the Article: Ceiling Tile Styles

ceiling decor article

8 Easy Ceiling Decor Ideas

Your "fifth" wall - the ceiling - offers as much design opportunity as the rest of a room. Take advantage of it with one of these decor ideas.

Read the Article: Ceiling Decor Ideas

home ceiling design article

Design Ideas for 2' x 2' Ceiling Tiles

Create your own home ceiling design with today's large selection of stylish 2' x 2' ceiling tiles.

Read the Article: 2' x 2' Design Ideas

patterned ceilings article

Patterned Ceilings Make Any Room Come Alive

Learn tricks to shaping a room's style by adding texture with a patterned ceiling.

Read the Article: Patterned Ceilings

Wood-Look / Ceiling Plank Articles

wood ceiling ideas article

Affordable, Wood-Look Ceiling Ideas

Make a big impact in a room with one of these affordable wood-look ceilings.

Read the Article: Wood Ceiling Ideas

tongue and groove advantages article

Tongue-and-Groove Ceilings Offer Distinct Advantages

See how tongue-and-groove ceilings can define space and add style to your room.

Read the Article: Tongue and Groove Advantages

beadboard planks article

The Beauty of a Beadboard Ceiling

Get tips for designing your room using beadboard ceiling planks.

Read the Article: Beadboard Ceiling Planks

bamboo ceiling article

Bamboo Ceiling

Create a tranquil space by installing a bamboo ceiling and adding a few simple decorating accents.

Read the Article: Bamboo Ceiling

faux wood ceiling panels article

Create Your Dream Decor with Faux Wood Ceiling Panels

Faux wood ceiling panels can add an elegant feel to a room. See how to get the look you want with this type of ceiling.

Read the Article: Faux Wood Ceiling Panels

vaulted ceilings article

Vaulted Ceiling Design

Make the most of a vaulted ceiling by adding the warmth of wood-style ceiling planks to your décor.

Read the Article: Vaulted Ceilings

cathedral ceiling ideas article

Cathedral Ceiling Design Ideas

Wood-look ceiling ideas to bring style and character to a room with a cathedral ceiling.

Read the Article: Cathedral Ceiling Ideas

Tin Look Ceiling Articles

antique ceiling tiles article

Antique Ceiling Tiles for Any Decorating Style

Bring a touch of old-world charm to any room with these antique ceiling tile ideas.

Read the Article: Antique Ceiling Tiles

vintage tin article

Explore the Romance of Tin Ceilings

Tin ceilings are back in vogue again. Find out how to get the vintage look of an actual tin ceiling for less than the real thing.

Read the Article: Romantic Tin Ceilings

brass ceiling article

The Beauty of a Brass Ceiling

Make beautiful enhancements to traditional and even modern interior styles with brass ceiling tiles.

Read the Article: Brass Ceiling

copper ceiling tiles article

Copper Ceiling Tiles Make a Room Look Bigger

It’s easy to create the illusion of a bigger room by installing Armstrong copper ceiling tiles.

Read the Article: Copper Ceiling Tiles

Colored Ceiling Tiles Articles

colored ceiling tiles article

Bring Your Ceiling to Life with Colored Ceiling Tiles

Create a one-of-a-kind ceiling using colored ceiling tiles that you customize yourself.

Read the Article: Colored Ceiling Tiles

black ceiling panels article

The Rich, Dramatic Look of Black Ceiling Panels

Enhance your home theater experience or family game room with black ceiling panels.

Read the Article: Black Ceiling Panels

fine fissured tech black ceilings article

Fine Fissured Tech Black Ceilings

Use stylish black ceiling panels to make an impact and improve the sound quality in a room.

Read the Article: Fine Fissured Black Ceilings

Room Design Articles

living room ceiling article

Trendy Living Room Ceiling Designs

Make your living room a comfortable destination for the family with these contemporary ceiling ideas.

Read the Article: Living Room Ceiling Designs

bedroom ceiling designs article

Trendy Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Create a unique sanctuary with these trendy ceiling ideas for the bedroom.

Read the Article: Bedroom Ceiling Designs