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Fine Fissured Tech Black Ceilings

High design black ceiling panels in a room packs a visual “punch”. Discover why everything looks better next to black!

Benefits of tech black ceiling panels

Bold and sophisticated, the color black has finally crossed over from fashion’s wardrobe staple to interior design’s hot new neutral that goes with everything . . . just like that little black dress.

You can introduce black into your décor many different ways, but if you really want to give a room a polished new look, nothing creates impact like a black ceiling.

Benefits of tech black ceiling panels

You might think about painting your ceiling black, but why not get more for the same effort? By installing a suspended ceiling with fine fissured tech black panels, you not only get the visual appeal of a custom ceiling, you also get sound-enhancing acoustics.

Tech black panels (2’ x 2’), which are installed in a suspended ceiling grid (as seen in this ceiling installation guide), contribute to the enjoyment of a home theater or media room by reducing noise. These panels have a perforated surface that absorbs up to 60 percent of the sounds that strike it.

Fine fissured tech black panels are resistant to sag, mold, and mildew on the treated surface, making them ideal for basement remodels, plus they clean easily with a soft brush or vacuum.

Decorating with black ceilings

  • Everything looks better next to black. Artwork and bright or colorful furnishings will stand out against this dramatic canvas.
  • Black ceilings are a great way to upscale man caves, enhance the ambiance of a home theater, or elegantly crown a basement wine cellar.
  • Don’t assume using black makes a space seem closed in. Under the canopy of mysterious black, a room can actually feel as though it extends beyond its physical limitations.

There’s no reason to shy away from decorating with black. Chic and mysterious, bold and confident, a black ceiling will take center stage in your home, so use it to your advantage.