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Green Basement Remodeling

Read about the benefits of using green basement products in your home.

Energy Efficiency

By using eco-friendly, green basement products, you can cut energy costs and turn your basement into a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Energy Efficiency

Basements provide natural insulation because they are below ground. But there are other ways to enhance efficiency too.

  • Don't rely on the earth to insulate by itself. Further insulate ceilings, walls and even floors.
  • Replace old windows and frames with double-panes, low-energy ones and with wood or vinyl frames.
  • If you can't afford to replace your windows, make sure to caulk, seal and weatherstrip around frames.

Healthier Living

Remodeling a basement is the perfect time to assess health-related issues from living spaces such as mold, radon and poor ventilation.

Keeping moisture out and having proper ventilation will allow for cleaner air and prevent mold growth

Avoid using wallpaper and carpet when remodeling your basement because they trap moisture and allow for mold growth. Instead, use low-VOC paints on the walls and check out Armstrong's basement-friendly flooring options.

Sustainable Products

You can also make your basement an environmentally friendly space by using green basement materials. Look for products manufactured with recycled materials, or use recycled building products. Armstrong's residential ceiling products, cabinets and flooring are all made from sustainable materials, making them the perfect fit for your green basement remodeling project.