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Quikstix Partition Locking Track 10' x 3-5/8"

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QuikStix Partition Locking Track


Product Name Quikstix Partition Locking Track 10' x 3-5/8"
Product Type Installation Systems
System Category Drywall Grid and Framing Systems
Component Partition
Item # QSPLT10R
System Name Interior Wall Framing System
Length 120"
Grid Face 3-5/8"
Height 1-1/4"
Warranty Suspended Ceiling and Drywall Installation Systems Warranty
Package Quantities 10 piece(s) (100 linear feet)


FireGuard™ N


Residential Drywall Grid and Framing Systems Technical Guide Eliminate the labor-intensive measuring, cutting, spacing and nailing of wood framing. Our Residential Drywall Grid and Framing Systems are pre-engineered with rout locations and cross tees to maintain precise module spacing, saving time and money.
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