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Patterned Ceilings Make Any Room Come Alive

Learn the tricks to shaping a room's personality by adding texture with a patterned ceiling.

Simple tips for decorating with a patterned ceiling

When it comes to decorating a room, most of us instinctively know to start with color. Often, however, we overlook a different element of style: pattern.

Every well-designed room needs pattern to make it come alive. Skilled decorators know that the quickest, easiest way to create high-impact style in a room is by placing pattern on the ceiling. A patterned ceiling is one design trick that’s not only beautiful, but easy to install yourself with a drop ceiling or direct apply ceiling tiles.

Simple tips for decorating with a patterned ceiling

Identify your design theme – Is your room comfortable or formal, playful or exotic, sophisticated or romantic, rustic or ethnic? Choose a pattern that echoes your theme and coordinates with existing patterns such as a brick fireplace or curved archway. Use no more than two contrasting patterns or the space will feel cluttered.

Know the aesthetics of pattern types – A floral patterned ceiling can suggest romance or tradition. For a rustic theme, the texture of a wood ceiling is warm and inviting. Geometrics comprise a wide range of patterns, from the quietly exotic look of Spanish stucco plaster to the noticeably stylish coffered ceiling. And, of course, who doesn’t stand in awe under the glowing splendor of beautiful pressed metal, such as seen in 19th Century tin ceilings? Keep in mind, too, that a simple textured ceiling, like nubby stucco, adds dimension and is also considered a pattern.

Consider scale and proportion – The larger the space, the larger the pattern it can handle. As a rule, a 3-inch pattern is good for 8-foot ceilings. For taller ceilings, use a 12-inch pattern.

Repeat patterns – Using similar patterns throughout a space provides continuity and flow. Patterns should be similar yet easily distinguished from each other.

White space is beautiful too – Leave some breathing room. Every square inch doesn’t need to be covered in pattern. Too much visual activity can make visitors feel restless.

Don’t be afraid of decorating with patterns, especially with the ease of installing a patterned ceiling. You’ll get a lot more impact for your money.