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Trendy Living Room Ceiling Designs

Make your living room an enjoyable and comfortable destination spot for family and friends with one of these beautiful living room ceiling designs.

It’s the designated spot in the home where we socialize, relax and have fun, where we entertain and are entertained. If your living room is lifeless, revive it with a quick and easy ceiling makeover. Any of these living room ceiling designs will help you create a lively space.

Enhanced look of plaster

Plaster ceilings are no longer cost-effective for achieving a refined, finished room appearance. Thankfully, that same subtle look is available in affordable living room ceiling designs featuring 2” x 2” panels. The larger panel size means fewer intersecting lines and, with several different surface textures to choose from, you can pick how well defined you want your ceiling to be.

Wood-look planks

The warm colors and intriguing grain patterns of wood inspire a cozy, intimate atmosphere – perfect for a room serving as a primary gathering place. Banish any thoughts about the living room appearing too rustic with wood ceilings. Wood-look planks come in a wide array of natural species to match any decorating style. From fine-grained walnut and buttery-smooth maple to sun-bleached gray and delicate bamboo – this is one of the living room ceiling designs that’s as individual as your personal style.

Coffered ceilings

If you’re looking for living room ceiling designs that’ll set your home apart from the rest, consider the architecturally arresting coffered ceiling. The sunken panels, or “coffers,” add depth to a room, making the ceiling appear taller. The shadow play of light striking the three-dimensional surface is ever-changing and simply beautiful. For a powerful statement, choose black coffers or paint coffered panels in a bold color.

Metal ceilings

Decorative metal ceilings cast a lustrous glow that makes everything come alive. In living room ceiling designs, the unique look of tin ceilings captures a vintage feel as well as the freshness of contemporary style. It all depends on the color, pattern and accessories you select. Metal panels can be painted, glazed, or faux finished for a totally custom look.

Shift to neutral

The trend of decorating in neutrals doesn’t overlook the ceiling. You can maintain a bright, white space overhead yet add interest to steer plain white away from boring. Choose easy-to-install ceiling tiles and planks in any non-directional pattern to add just the right amount of texture. For texture with flair, select paintable Tin Look ceiling tiles.

Living rooms are intended to be enjoyable and comfortable. A new living room ceiling design will enhance your enjoyment of this space.

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