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Metal Walls Installation

Create a sparkling accent wall in an afternoon. All you need is tin snips, adhesive, and cone head nails.

Metal Walls

Metallaire™ 24” x 48” panels can be glued together to form an accent wall. Use an adhesive to secure the metal wall panels to the wall. Be sure to use an adhesive that will adhere to the metal panels and to the wall surface where the panels are to be mounted.

Use just enough cone head nails to secure the panels to the wall while the adhesive sets up. Do not remove the nails. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions for proper application

Using Plywood as a Subsurface

As an alternative, install 1/4" plywood over the area that will be covered by the metal wall panels. Attach the panels to the plywood using cone head nails. Using tin snips, cut the panels to fit around any obstacles on the wall. Nail the panels every 6" on the raised buttons to secure the panels to the wall.

 Metal Walls Installation