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Plastic Ceiling Tiles

Beautifully designed and easy-to-install, plastic ceiling tiles are an affordable way to create an extraordinary room.

Coffered Ceiling - Plastic Ceiling Tiles

Rich in design, a coffered ceiling transforms a plain ceiling into an elegant work of art. Coffered plastic ceiling tiles add a luxurious touch to your décor and make any room feel fresh and new – and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get that look.

Stylish coffered plastic ceiling tiles are easy to install in your existing suspended ceiling grid or as part of a new ceiling system. You simply drop the 2’ x 2’ plastic ceilings tiles into the grid and, in no time, you’ve completed your ceiling makeover. Converting a 2’ x 4’ grid to fit square plastic ceilings tiles is easy – just add 2’ cross tees between the main runners.

Design flexibility with plastic ceiling tiles

Armstrong’s Easy Elegance™ features lightweight, embossed coffered panels that give homeowners the visual variety and flexibility to create a truly custom look. The plastic ceiling tiles are available in chic black or a bright white finish and can be painted with latex paint to complement any décor. Feel free to mix and match panel colors, designs, or even invert panels for a sculpted effect.

One characteristic that makes plastic ceiling tiles a preferred ceiling option is their resistance to moisture, mold, and mildew on the treated surface, so they’re perfect for basement or bathroom remodeling. Their rigid PVC construction makes plastic ceiling tiles maintenance-free. And Easy Elegance coffered panels are simple to install, even for novice DIYers.

Complete your renovation with moldings

StyleStix™ grid covers are the perfect way to complement your new plastic ceilings tiles. StyleStix covers easily snap directly onto standard metal grids, adding the look of classical architectural molding. Just like Custom Creations panels, you can use latex paint on StyleStix grid covers for additional customization. Wall moldings come in 6’ lengths and grid covers are available in 6’ and 2’ lengths.

Armstrong’s Easy Elegance plastic ceiling tiles, grid covers, and wall moldings quickly and easily bring custom style to your home for less.