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Drop Ceiling Panels

Drop ceiling panels are sometimes referred to as a "suspended ceiling". A drop ceiling can give you a stylish look that hides wires, pipes, and other unsightly fixtures.

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Baltic Textured White 2' x 4' Panel #1133


Color: White
Item #: 1133

Brighton Textured White 2' x 2' Panel #266


Color: White
Item #: 266

Cascade Patterned White 2' x 2' Panel #1270


Color: White
Item #: 1270

Deep Coffer Black Coffered Black 2' x 2' Panel #1280BLBXA

Deep Coffer Black

Color: Black
Item #: 1280BLBXA

Easy Elegance Coffer Coffered White 2' x 2' Panel #1280
Easy Elegance Coffer Coffered White 2' x 2' Panel #1280BXA
Esprit Fiberglass Textured White 2' x 4' Panel #403
Fine Fissured Textured White 2' x 2' Panel #932
Fine Fissured Textured White 2' x 2' Panel #928
Fine Fissured Textured White 2' x 4' Panel #922
Fluted Patterned White 2' x 2' Panel #1203


Color: White
Item #: 1203

Grenoble Textured White 2' x 4' Panel #297


Color: White
Item #: 297

Impression Textured White 2' x 4' Panel #1135


Color: White
Item #: 1135

Lumawash Smooth White 2' x 2' Panel #973


Color: White
Item #: 973

Lumawash Smooth White 2' x 4' Panel #972


Color: White
Item #: 972

Metallaire Bead Tin/Metal Metallic 2' x 2' Panel #5422504LAR

Metallaire Bead

Color: Brass
Item #: 5422504LAR

Metallaire Bead Tin/Metal Metallic 2' x 2' Panel #5422504LLS

Metallaire Bead

Color: Lacquered Steel
Item #: 5422504LLS

Drop Ceiling: Raised Panel

Suspended or “drop” ceilings have been around almost 100 years. They were developed as an attractive way to conceal ductwork, pipes, electrical and other building systems routed along the ceiling. While today’s drop ceilings are still used to hide unsightly home systems or a damaged ceiling, they now offer something the old drop ceilings didn’t: style. You can find many stylish options available for a drop ceiling with Armstrong ceiling panels, including different sizes, textures, colors, and patterns to bring a fresh, updated look to your ceiling.

What Is a Drop Ceiling?
A drop ceiling is a secondary ceiling that hangs below an existing ceiling. It’s made up of a metal grid suspended from hanging wires and other hardware that support lay-in ceiling panels. The panels conveniently drop into the grid to complete the new ceiling. You may also see the term “drop ceiling tiles” used. With drop ceilings, both panels and tiles are laid into the grid.

Grids come in the standard 15/16” profile or Armstrong’s Suprafine 9/16” profile that delivers a sleek, uninterrupted look. Ceiling panels are available in either 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ sizes. No matter what size grid or panels you choose, Armstrong suspended ceilings need only three inches overhead clearance for most rooms.

Best Rooms for Drop Ceilings
You can install a drop ceiling anywhere in your home, especially if you’re looking for an easy way to add style to a room. Basements and specialty rooms – home theaters, game rooms, and offices – are places where a drop ceiling is often the best option.

Decorating with Drop Ceiling Panels
With Armstrong ceiling panels you get exceptional design options that will inspire you to take your ceiling to new heights.

Tin Tile Romance – Up the ambiance with the eye-catching sparkle of decorative ceiling panels that mimic the look of a tin ceiling. Choose from 12 authentic 19th century patterns in five metal finishes, including paintable lacquered steel.

Coffered Elegance – Sophisticated and dramatic, an Easy Elegance™ coffered ceiling adds depth and dimension for a custom look

Affordable Warmth & Style – Add just the right touch of stylish flair with affordable HomeStyle ceiling panels. With so many styles and textures, you’ll have no problem matching your decor.

Features and Benefits of a Drop Ceiling
Light reflectance – Drop ceiling panels can create a much brighter space. Panels with a high light reflectance value increase illumination and save money on utility costs by reflecting a large percentage of incidental light back into a room.

Acoustics Control – Some acoustical ceiling panels absorb more than 50% of noise in a room, reducing sound within a room. Other ceiling panels block sound between floors – perfect for home theaters, game rooms, and family rooms.

Indoor Air Quality – Enhance the air quality in your home with Brightex with AirGuard™ ceiling panels. These panels remove up to 50% of formaldehyde from the air for 10 years.

Mold Resistance – For moisture-prone areas, like basements, look for ceiling panels specially treated to resist the growth of mold, mildew, odor- and stain-causing bacteria on the treated surface.

Sag Resistance – Ceiling panels treated to control moisture absorption resist sagging in areas of high humidity.

Easy DIY Installation
Armstrong makes it easy for you to install a drop ceiling. In fact, in as little as a weekend, you can enjoy a whole new look in any room. Visit our ceiling installation area to learn what tools and materials you’ll need.

Myths about Drop Ceilings
Many homeowners shy away from a drop ceiling because they have misconceptions about the product. Separate fact from fiction in ceiling myths and learn why a drop ceiling may be the perfect choice for your home.