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Complete any look with affordable, easy-to-install metal or wood backsplashes from Armstrong.

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Metallaire Fans Backsplash Metallaire Backsplashes #5400207BNA


Metallaire Fans Backsplash
Item #: 5400207BNA

Metallaire Medallion Backsplash Metallaire Backsplashes #5400234BNA


Metallaire Medallion Backsplash
Item #: 5400234BNA

Metallaire Small Floral Circle Backsplash Metallaire Backsplashes #5400209BNA
Metallaire Small Panels Backsplash Metallaire Backsplashes #5400204BNA


Metallaire Small Panels Backsplash
Item #: 5400204BNA

Metallaire Vine Backsplash Metallaire Backsplashes #5400210BNA


Metallaire Vine Backsplash
Item #: 5400210BNA

WoodHaven WoodHaven Backsplashes #1149


Item #: 1149

WoodHaven WoodHaven Backsplashes #1148


Item #: 1148

Tile Backsplashes
Reaching new culinary heights is usually considered an accomplishment – except when it involves tomato sauce spattering all over your kitchen walls. A decorative tile backsplash is a stylish yet practical solution for protecting your kitchen walls and making cleanup easier around messy sink and stove areas.

Decorative Tile Options
Add shine to your countertop work space with Metallaire™ metal backsplash tiles. The same tin-look patterns that bring your ceiling to life can also be used for an eye-catching tin backsplash. Authentic tin ceiling patterns catch the light and create enticing visual movement.

You don’t have to confine this dazzling look to backsplash duty only. Cover an entire wall with embossed metal panels and discover the spacious kitchen you never knew you had. With finishes in chrome, brass, copper, white, and paintable lacquered steel, it’s easy to bring a distinctive look to your décor.

Easy-to-Clean Tiles
Quick cleanup is a must for busy households and metal backsplashes are big time-savers. Their nonporous surface is highly resistant to stains, so dried-on batter splatters, juice splashes, and even that troublesome tomato sauce can wait until you can get to it. When it’s time for routine cleaning, all you need is a sponge and mild soap and water – even on greasy buildup. Metallaire metal tiles are also fire-retardant, so they can be safely installed behind a cooking area.

DIY Project
Installing 18.5" x 48.5" metal backsplash tiles is an easy home improvement project that you can complete in a few hours. You simply secure the metal tiles to the backsplash area using adhesive. Then tack with cone head nails to keep panels in position while the adhesive sets up. You’ll need tin snips to make cuts for outlets where necessary and to trim panels to fit under cabinets. You’ll also need good work gloves to protect your hands. With no special tools or skills required, it’s really that easy.

Other Areas for Tile Backsplashes
Backsplashes are appropriate for any wall where spills or splashes happen. Protect your bathroom walls around sink and tub areas. In finished basements, dress up a wet bar in a media or game room with a decorative backsplash.