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Room Dividers

Definitions™ room dividers are suspended from the ceiling to divide a room into separate living spaces.

Definitions® Room Dividers

Definitions Room Dividers - 5826DGR

Definitions® Room Dividers

Armstrong room dividers are decorative wall panels that hang from your ceiling to divide up the spaces inside a large, open-plan room or apartment loft. These translucent wall wall panels are used in place of building an actual wall, which might be too expensive or impractical.

Benefits of Room Dividers

  • Adds a design element
  • Creates privacy
  • Allows light in (where a wall blocks it)
  • Enhances the sense of space
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Room dividers installation guide


You can install Definitions room dividers in loft spaces, living rooms, master suites, or anywhere in your home where you want to create a separate space within a space.

Wall panels are attached to a drywall ceiling with a stainless steel cable system. For added stability, you can also secure the panels from the floor.

Room Divider Installation Instructions [PDF]

Definitions Installation Video


This four-minute video demonstrates how to successfully suspend Armstrong wall panels from any typical drywall ceiling.

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