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Find a Store

Sahara Large Format Tiles

Visually Expand Your Room with Large Format Ceiling Tiles



Sahara 16” x 16” ceiling tiles add beauty and character to any room in your home.

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Bigger is better – according to home interior designers. 
From floor to ceiling, home décor is trending towards larger format designs. Sahara 16” x 16” ceiling tiles fit this trend perfectly. These tiles have a smooth, fine texture that creates a beautiful visual, while making the room appear larger.

A Great-Looking Cover-Up
Need to cover up a damaged drywall ceiling, a cracked plaster ceiling or a popcorn ceiling? Sahara direct-apply tiles are a practical – and affordable - solution. They can be installed directly to your existing ceiling, with either adhesive or wood furring strips, in half the time it would take to install traditional 12” x 12” ceiling tiles.

What You’ll Like

  • Visually expand your space
  • Fast and easy to install
  • High light reflectant finish (less lighting needed)
  • Easily covers flaws in existing ceiling

Transform your room in a big way – with Sahara large format ceiling tiles from the Armstrong HomeStyle Ceilings Collection.

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Not all products available at all locations.

From Contractor Survey:
“I like that Sahara 16” x 16” tiles go up faster than standard 12” x 12” ceiling tiles.”

* Survey asked installers to compare installing Sahara 16” x 16” ceiling tiles with the current industry offering of 12” x 12” direct-apply tiles.

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