Soundproof Ceiling for Basements from Armstrong

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Soundproofing Basement Ceilings

Getting a soundproof ceiling for your basement is easy with Armstrong ceiling tiles and panels that absorb up to 70% of the sound that strikes their surface.

Soundproofing Basement Ceilings

Drop Panel - Fine Fissured

Armstrong decorative ceilings can reduce the sound in your basement, improving your enjoyment of your home theater, or game room, home gym, office, or guest bedroom. Unlike drywall ceilings, Armstrong ceiling tiles and panels provide acoustical benefits that can make a big difference in the sound environment of a room.

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Sound Control Ratings

Sound Performance Ratings

When evaluating acoustical properties of basement ceilings, there are two types of ratings to review: the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and the Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC).

NRC is a rating that tells you how much sound a surface will absorb. In practical use, a ceiling NRC rating of 0.50 indicates excellent sound absorption. Compare that to drywall, which typically rates a .05

CAC rates a ceiling’s efficiency as a barrier to sound transmission. In a suspended ceiling chosen for acoustic performance in a basement, the panels prevent most sounds from passing through the ceiling and traveling upstairs. A CAC rating > 35 indicates high performance, meaning little sound is transmitted through the panels

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Classic Fine Textured Drop Panel

Which Ceilings are best for soundproofing basements?

Classic Fine Textured Drop Panel – This drop ceiling, which looks like rough plaster, offers the highest NRC rating of all Armstrong ceilings: 0.70. That means these panels absorb up to 70% of the sounds that strike their surface for excellent acoustical quality. Ideal for basements that are used for home theaters, game rooms, and playrooms.

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Brightex with Airguard™

Brightex with AirGuard™

Panels – This ceiling panel is an excellent option for basements. It absorbs 65% of the noise in a room, creating a quieter space. Brightex with AirGuard also reduces indoor formaldehyde emissions by 50% over 10 years, and it’s mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant.

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Tin Look Collection - Tin Tile Ceiling

TinTile™ Tiles

This ceiling tile, with the classic antique tin look, is a very good sound blocker, so that sound traveling beyond your basement ceiling is reduced.

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