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Tin Backsplash Design Ideas

Boost Your Kitchen’s Style with a Tin Backsplash

The same Metallaire™ decorative metal ceiling tiles that look terrific on your ceiling also perform beautifully as a tin backsplash in your kitchen. When you bring the tin-look down to eye level, the results are amazing!

Once an afterthought, backsplashes are now a focal point in many kitchens. If you’re looking for unique backsplash design ideas, decorative faux tin tiles are a beautiful option. They provide either an historic accent to a turn-of-the-century-era kitchen or an upscale artistic statement for a contemporary kitchen.

The Beauty and Versatility of a Faux Tin Backsplash

  • Mix It Up! The backsplash should complement the colors and furnishings in your kitchen, but it doesn’t have to match. The stainless steel color of a tin backsplash goes with any color theme and coordinates with faucets and appliances too!
  • Main attraction. If your kitchen has few or no wall cabinets, then the open wall surface from the countertop to the ceiling becomes a blank canvas. Use a tin backsplash to design this space as a wide focal point rather than only a supporting element.
  • Safe and practical for cooking areas. Armstrong’s fire-retardant, stainless steel tiles can be safely installed behind a cooking area. They’re also highly resistant to stains and clean up quickly with just soap and water.
  • Tight budget? Tin backsplashes deliver high-end designer style without breaking the budget. Plus, they’re easy to install yourself.
  • Eco-friendly design. Armstrong’s stainless steel tin-look backsplashes contain 60% recycled post-industrial products. They’re one of the greenest choices you can make in home décor.

DIY Installation

Tin backsplashes make a great DIY project. To install Metallaire tin backsplashes, apply adhesive according to the directions and tack the panels to your wall with nails for security. For complete installation instructions, check out the Metallaire Stainless Steel backsplash installation video.

Decorative metal tiles are an intriguing backsplash design idea that brings a refined architectural detail to your kitchen without a lot of effort.

Metallaire vine tin backsplash designs
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