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Explore the Romance of Tin Ceilings

Tin ceilings, a decorating trend that dates to the Victorian age, are back in vogue once again.

Explore the Romance of Tin Ceilings

Tin ceilings may look “old world,” but they actually originated in the new world – in the U.S. Back in the late 1800s, middle-class homeowners liked the look of decorative plaster ceilings, but found they were expensive to ship from Europe and hard to install. Home builders were quick to develop an alternative: the tin ceiling. They produced these new ceilings by imprinting thin sheets of rolled tin or steel with decorative designs, like fleurs de lis and trefoils, and painting them white to resemble hand-carved plaster. In addition to beautiful looks, early tin ceilings were durable, lightweight and fireproof.

Today, Armstrong recreates the look of antique tin ceilings with Tin Look™ Paintable Ceiling Tiles. These tiles have the appearance of real tin, but they’re actually made of durable mineral fiber – a more affordable alternative. Armstrong’s Tin Look tiles are available in three traditional patterns: Circles – a large format visual with embossed leaves, TinTile™ – the Circles pattern in a smaller format, and Wellington™ – an ornate repeating visual reminiscent of a tin ceiling found in a turn-of-the-century candy store or ice cream parlor.

Each Tin Look pattern comes in white, square-edged tiles that fit together to create a seamless look. While white was the preferred color of tin ceilings many years ago, Tin Look tiles can be painted any color to match your décor. Learn more about creating a custom ceiling with these helpful painting tips. Tin Look tiles are also easy to install with either adhesive or wood furring strips.

Tin Look Paintable Ceiling Tiles – the beautiful and affordable way to create a vintage look in your home.