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Copper Ceiling Tiles Make a Room Feel Bigger

Add the vintage look of copper ceiling tiles to your room for an eye-opening finishing touch.

Make Your Room Look More Spacious with Copper Ceiling Tiles

It’s easy to create the illusion of a bigger, brighter room by installing decorative Metallaire™ copper ceiling tiles. Here’s how.

Make Your Room Look More Spacious with Copper Ceiling Tiles

The intricate designs on copper ceiling tiles are re-creations of vintage tin ceiling patterns. Botanical motifs, scrollwork, beading, and other decorative flourishes embossed on metal panels become a richly textured and enticing focal point in a room. As the eye is swept up by this striking visual element, our sense of depth expands, and the room feels more open.

The color of copper itself adds a bit of sophisticated flare that captures attention. Copper enhances any decorating scheme with its rich, earthy patina and orange undertones. The metallic finish also provides a reflective glow that opens up a space, making it feel larger and full of energy. Vibrant copper ceiling tiles work with any design style, from rustic cabin chic to the most elegant dining room.

View rooms with copper ceiling tiles in our photo gallery.

Fast and Easy DIY Installation

Ready to add copper ceiling tiles to your home décor? Installing this ceiling is so easy you can do it yourself in as little as a weekend. The Metallaire ceiling line comes with everything you need to finish your ceiling, including grid kit, decorative cornices, and border panels. Copper ceiling tiles can be installed either directly to your existing ceiling using supplied cone head nails or in a drop ceiling grid.

Let the warm and timeless look of copper sparkle on your ceiling and see how much it can change the appearance of your room.