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Wainscoting Installation

Installing wainscoting from WoodHaven® is an easy DIY project that you can complete in a weekend.


For WoodHaven wainscoting, the maximum wall height to be covered is 42˝.

Unpack the planks in the room where they will be installed 24 hours prior to the installation.

To prevent wet floors (during cleaning) from damaging the planks, install a piece of 3/8˝ thick lath on the wall at the floor, so the bottom of the planks can butt against the top of the lath.

While the normal orientation of wainscoting is vertical, the WoodHaven planks can be installed on walls either vertically or horizontally.

Installing Planks Vertically
When installing the planks vertically, use a construction adhesive to secure the planks to the wall. Be sure to check that the adhesive is suitable for the wall surface you’re adhering to. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations for surface preparation and application rate. If the planks don’t stick to the wall immediately, use painter’s tape to hold the planks to the wall until the adhesive sets up.

Installing Planks Horizontally
When installing planks horizontally, use the WoodHaven clips enclosed in the WoodHaven carton. With the long tongue edge of the first plank resting on the lath, place the clip over the flange at a stud location. Using #6 x 1-1/4˝ drywall screws (DON’T use the enclosed screws – they are too short for this application.) secure the clip to a wall stud. Fasten clips at every stud location along the length of the installation.

Finally, apply a baseboard of your choice over the lath and the bottom of the planks. A top trim can be installed at the top of the planks to serve as a chair rail and finish the installation.

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Installation Tips

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